Characteristics of Environmental Liability Insurance.

Social awareness for the damage caused to the environment has greatly increased, so have an Environmental Liability Insurance to back you against possible infringements by your company has become essential. Especially with the implementation of the Law on Environmental Responsibility, based on the principle “polluter pays”.

Environmental Liability Insurance protects you against accidents causing pollution to water, air, land or affect any habitat.

Accidents that jeopardize the company can occur within the insured premises during the transport of dangerous substances or during operation.

We can group the Environmental Liability Insurance in three blocks:

  1. Environmental Insurance land

  2. Insurance for the transport of dangerous substances

  3. Emergency Care

Requiring insurance companies carrying out exploration or extraction of hydrocarbons, crude oil treatment and gas processing must comply with the following characteristics:

  • Containment contaminants

  • Mitigation of impacts and environmental damage

  • Characterization of contaminated sites

  • Remediation of contaminated sites

  • Restoration or environmental compensation

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