Hydrocarbons Seminar “Fundamentals of the Hydrocarbons Sector in Mexico” generates proposals and knowledge

On April 26th and 29th of this year, the two scheduled sessions of the Hydrocarbons Seminar “Fundamentals of the Hydrocarbons Sector in Mexico” were held at the H. Chamber of Deputies, an event addressed to legislators and public in general; whose objective was to disseminate the essential concepts, categories, data and information of the oil and gas value chain.

The Deputy and President of the Energy Commission, Manuel Rodríguez González, was in charge of the inauguration and closing of the sessions, along with Deputy Mario Delgado. According to Rodríguez, the country has an “unfortunate and sad dependence on energy from abroad,” about 94% of the gas consumed is imported and 80% of the fuels as well.

The panelists of the first and second session where composed by BP Mexico’s CEO Angelica Ruiz, Dr. Aldo Flores-Quiroga specialist in Energy, Ulises Neri from CNH, Ulises Lopez from ANIQ, Gaspar Franco from UNAM, Rodrigo Ochoa and Mr. Salvador Ugalde from E & Y. During the second day, the exhibitions were in charge of Dr. Adrian Duhalt, Mr. Jesus Rodriguez, Ms. Nerea Chacartegui, Mr. Jose Luis Vitlagiano, Mr. Ricardo Ortiz, Mr. David Zarate, Ms. Graciela Alvarez Hoth promoter of the iniciative “Energy Voices” and Luis Felipe Echavarria.

The main topics at the meeting where the regional context of gas, its introduction to the market, security of supplies, distribution, gas feed transportation infrastructure, sustainability’s criteria, risk management and vehicles’ use.

During the seminar’s closing, Deputy Mario Delgado Carrillo, president of the Political Coordination Board said that the production of gas is a huge opportunity that has been wasted and its use could change the energy sector. “It is being left aside, and it is the vein that is needed”.