Mexico’s CENAGAS to auction 2.3 Bcf/d of capacity on US cross-border pipelines

From Platts / Calgary / 7 Sep 2017 503 pm EDT/2103 GMT

“Mexico’s National Gas Control Center will auction 2.3 Bcf/d of capacity across five US cross-border pipelines on behalf of state electricity utility CFE on September 10.”

“The capacity of the pipelines will be auctioned under a one-year contract starting October 1 and running until September 30, 2018.”

“CFE is offering 1.22 Bcf/d on the Trans-Pecos Pipeline (from Waha to Presidio) at an exit tariff of 13 cents/MMBtu; 700 MMcf/d on the Comanche Pipeline (Waha-San Elizario) at 18.58 cents/MMBtu; 293 MMcf/d on the Road Runner Pipeline at 47.25 cents/MMBtu; 39.4 MMcf/d on the NET Mexico Pipeline with an exit tariff of 37 cents/MMBtu; 19.7 MMcf/d on the El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline (lateral Wilcox) at 19 cents/MMBtu and an additional 16.3 MMcf/d at 39 cents/MMBtu.”

“This is the fourth auction the center, or CENAGAS, has held on behalf of CFE. The center auctioned the same capacity under the same tariffs in previous auctions. However, they were declared void due to a lack of participation by bidders.”

“A gas marketer previously said that CENAGAS and CFE need to provide more flexibility in the terms of the auction and starting date of the contracts to make them more attractive to potential bidders. Also, Mexico’s Confederation of Industrial Chambers, the country’s largest industrial group, said that the lack of interconnection of these pipelines to the rest of the country made them unattractive.”

“According to data from Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission, 14 marketers were operating in the countrpipa cieloy during July, including Mexico’s state oil company, Pemex.”

“The commission, or CRE, received billing invoices in July for 89.854 Bcf. This translates to about 2.89 Bcf/d of gas sold. Pemex’s database shows the company sold 2.87 Bcf/d of gas in July. However, some marketers have reported buying gas from Pemex on behalf of their clients.”

From Platts / Calgary / 7 Sep 2017 503 pm EDT/2103 GMT