Complications during well control.

Decontrol wells is generated by an outbreak, which cannot be operated at will, and is classified as:

  • Differential.- happens when formation pressure is greater than the hydrostatic pressure, invading the formation fluids down hole, lifting the column of fluid so that the ejected surface and surface equipment control is not closed .

  • Induced.- is caused by the movement of the pipe, which can probe or lighten the hydrostatic column or fracture the formation to enter complicated the problem by having broken pipes.

Given the lack of control proceeds to apply a specific method of control as the problem that generates it, but the reality is that few actions in the Well Control that occur as they are planned, so it is important to be familiar with complications that can occur during execution of the control.

Below you can find a list of the most common complications:

  • Capping / collapsed the ring

  • covered string

  • Failure of the BOP

  • Failure or damage coating

  • cement plug

  • Misconceptions

  • Complications during circulation of a Kick

  • Excessive pressure casing

  • Unreliable or unavailable reduced pressure

  • Drilling hot

  • Control Considerations Horizontal Wells

  • Hollow or weakness in Tubing

  • Freezing

  • Detection of free point

  • Float valve backpressure in the drill string

  • Fishing

  • Lost Circulation

  • Partial and severe circulation losses

  • Well´s mechanical problems

  • Milling

  • Pipe off the bottom and out of the well

  • Very weak or much corroded pipe

  • Changes in Tanks

  • Bit or clogged funnel

  • Pressure between the strings of coaters

  • Failure pressure gauges

  • Problems beyond the choke

  • Failure or change of pump

  • Reciprocated pipe during Well Control

  • Considerations closure pressures

  • Snubbing in the string or tumbing

  • Paste pipe

  • Telescoping string

Therefore, it is vitally important to always be alert to indicators of pressure, flow and equipment involved to recognize the emergence of outbreaks promptly and react seeking to avoid incidents and be protected with Insurance Well Control we support for any inconvenience.

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