New provisions for the use of associated natural gas

The new technical provisions emitted by CNH (National Hydrocarbons Commission) came into effect January 8th, which include the use and maximization of  the economic value of associated natural gas in the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons.

The main objective of these provisions is the structuring of programs based on procedures, requirements and criteria to define the goal of taking advantage of natural gas associated by holders of allocations and contracts for exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, both in non-conventional and conventional deposits.

For this purpose, the CNH will convene through hearings Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) that jointly review manifests or use programs delivered to the Commission. Whatever is derived from the review, a work plan will be established so that in 2016 Pemex can present the Programas de Aprovechamiento de Gas Natural Asociado for each current assignment. PEMEX may refer to the Commission for consideration, modifications to use with the Programas de Aprovechamiento de Gas Natural Asociado as a result of the presentation for approval or modification of plans.

Finally, it is important to mention that these provisions are of general observance and compulsory for oil operators carrying out activities of exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, which involve extraction and utilization of associated natural gas.

associated natural gas